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The secret to cleaning

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

Cooking Grease In progress of cleaning

The secret to cleaning

The reality is there is no secret to cleaning, however the art of cleaning is all about being thorough. No matter what you intend to clean there are some key factors one must consider; what products are safe to use on the surface, can you actually get to the surface to be cleaned, wet or dry cleaning, what are you trying to remove?

Wet cleaning is the most effective but not all materials can withstand the moisture used so you may need to dry clean. Dry cleaning does not necessarily mean that there are no liquids involved just that there is no water used. You may be able to use solvents or scrub with a brush and vacuum to remove the soiling.  

When wet cleaning real the label on the product you are using, that is were the secrets are held. Manufactures of cleaning products test the solutions in many ways to find out what works best and will give you the information on the directions of the container. If your solution is too strong or too weak it will not work as good as it is designed to.  

In summary take your time and follow the label directions and remember that routine cleaning is faster and easier than letting things build up over time.

Smoke contamination

9/1/2020 (Permalink)

Air filter This is one week old out of our office in Fresno

Air quality

With all of the recent wild fire in our area we would like to offer some helpful hints on keeping your home or business as safe and clean as possible.

We have had a tremendous amount of smoke in our air for the last few weeks and it has found its way into everything. All of that smoke has left ash and other contaminates on everything in and around our homes and offices. One of the first things to check is your air conditioning filters. The excessive heat has not helped our situation and our HVAC systems have taken a beating. The filters are probably full of all this air borne debris and should be changed much more often when we experience the seasonal wild fires. When you change your filters buy the nest quality filter you can and change it often. We have been changing ours weekly and it is amazing how fast they can clog with the amount of stuff in the air.

Another helpful tip is to use a dusting cloth that traps and picks up dust on all of the flat surfaces in your home. Using a duster just moves the dust around rather than removing it.

If your home has suffered an excessive amount of smoke contamination give our office a call and we would love for the opportunity to help restore your building to a sparkling clean environment.